RDG Consulting, Inc.
    Company Background
Robert D. Grimm established RDG Consulting, Inc., in January 1999. Prior to founding RDG, Bob enjoyed a 25-year corporate career, spending 20 of those years working for large contractors in the area of federal contracts.

During his corporate career, Bob honed his skills and earned a reputation as a subject matter expert, innovative thinker and doer, and common-sense practitioner relative to federal contracting — particularly in the area of Federal Supply Schedules.

Bob became increasingly aware of how desperately commercial-product companies needed expertise in the federal contracting arena and set his sights on determining how to best satisfy that need. After carefully considering and integrating input from industry executives, Bob struck out on his own to share his expertise with industry at large.

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Core Competencies
  • Preparation, negotiation and management of federal supply contracts
  • Federal account and contract pricing strategy development
  • Knowledge of federal markets, particularly in the Departments of Veterans Affairs and Defense
  • Management of the audit process for contractors, including audit response preparation
  • Complete range of pre- and post-award contract management and administration services
  • Assistance and guidance with Requests for Proposal (RFPs), Requests for Quotations (RFQs) and Solicitations
  • Developing customized agreements such as Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) aimed at product standardization, high compliance and increased market share
  • Sales force guidance, training and support for government contract implementation
  • Development of contract compliance programs, policies and procedures
  • Guidance on contract compliance and interpretation issues

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    About the Principal
    For suppliers and manufacturers who are seeking their first government contracts or wish to expand their business base with the federal government, Bob Grimm brings a wealth of experience in "cutting the red tape" relative to government contracting. His services permit clients to eliminate the hassles of dealing with government bureaucrats and free them to focus on their core competencies.

    Prior to founding RDG Consulting, Inc., Bob was national director of the federal government segment in the corporate account group at Roche Diagnostics (formerly Boehringer Mannheim), where he:

    • Managed five Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) contracts and a portfolio of government business worth more than $50 million annually
    • Directed the sales performance and marketing activities for products from four Roche business units to the United States government, primarily the Departments of Veterans Affairs and Defense
    • Served as the direct interface for all federal audit activity and developed the company’s response to audit findings
    • Increased sales by more than 100% in about five and a half years
    • Introduced a very successful Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) in a particular diagnostic reagent market within the Department of Veterans Affairs, allowing Roche to capture a 68% market share

    Prior to joining Boehringer Mannheim Diagnostics, Bob spent 13 years with two major contractors in the aerospace industry, managing large Department of Defense prime and subcontracts for systems deployed on notable aircraft such as the F-14, F-15, the Space Shuttle and the B-2 Stealth Bomber.

    Subsequent to his responsibility for managing the above noted contracts, Bob was selected from 120 internal applicants to be the contracts and pricing expert on Sundstrand Corporation’s corporate compliance team, where he served for three years.

    Having served in a variety of functional positions, such as the national director for federal accounts, as well as having been manager of programs, purchasing, and contracts and compliance, Bob developed a thorough understanding of the contracting process and the government’s procurement rules and business expectations.

    Bob is a Certified Professional Contract Manager (CPCM) through the National Contract Management Association (NCMA), which in 1991 named him a fellow for his achievements and contributions to the profession of government contracting.

    He holds an undergraduate degree in finance, cum laude, from Ohio State University and an M.B.A. from Baldwin-Wallace College.

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    We strive to exceed our client’s expectations at each encounter.

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    At RDG Consulting, Inc., we are:
    • Committed to excellence
    • Integrity-driven
    • Loyal to clients
    • Quality-minded
    • Results-oriented
    • Dedicated to providing the best value in all that we do

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    The objectives of RDG Consulting, Inc., are straightforward:
    • Be a subject matter expert in the area of federal commercial product procurement
    • Provide a turnkey solution to the client's federal contracting needs
    • Integrate seamlessly with the client organization, thus freeing the client to focus on its core business without diluting key resources
    • Demonstrate the adage that "time is money" and that it is important for clients to recognize that some needed skills fall outside the four walls of their companies.
    • Show the client a way to grow both the top and bottom lines!
    • Forge strong, long-term, value-based client partnerships

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    Coursework, Seminars and Continuing Education
    The National Contract Management Association requires that Certified Professional Contract Managers (CPCM) complete a minimum of 60 hours of continuing education every five years in order to remain certified. Bob Grimm was recertified again in 2007 – for the fourth time – accumulating over 76 hours of continuing education. The following courses, conferences and seminars are just a small sampling of the continuing education.

    Webinar: Military Health’s Electronic Supply Chain: Using RFID and Automatic Identification Technologies to Manage the World’s Largest Healthcare System

    Attended two day conference, 2008 Federal Healthcare Industry Conference, "Putting the Pieces Together" sponsored by the Dept. of Veterans Affairs

    Attended “Government Contracting: A Recession-Proof Market Place” seminar

    Attended conference “How to Win US Gov't Contracts for your Business”
    Attended “Defense Education Conference: Doing Business with the Federal Government”

    Attended “Contracting Best Practices for Business” seminar
    Participated in two day industry conference, “Achieving Procurement & Contracting Excellence through Partnership” sponsored by the Dept. of Veterans Affairs

    Presented “Selling, Marketing, and Contracting with the Federal Government” seminar to the Indiana Business and Modernization Technology Corporation
    Attended small business conference sponsored by US Agency for International Development

    Attended seminar, “Financial Analysis: Contract Management Solutions”
    Wrote article for NCMA Contract Management magazine, Competitive Intelligence in the Federal Market. Click here to read this article.

    Published an article titled " GSA Contracts: Are You Giving Uncle Sam Your Lowest Price?" in Contract Management magazine. Click here to read this article.
    Presented seminar: Doing Business With the Government

    Taught seminar on FSS Contracting to J&J HealthCare Systems
    Presented seminar: Contracting, Marketing and Selling to the U.S. Government

    Presented industry perspective at Conference on Government Commercial Pricing
    Attended Innovative Government Contracting — Practical Approaches

    Attended Fall Government Procurement Conference
    Attended The State of Federal Information Technology Acquisition

    Attended Fall Government Procurement Conference
    Attended Spring Government Procurement Conference
    Attended Commercial Item Acquisition by the Government

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    Partial List of Clients
    Roche Diagnostics
    Microgenics, a division of Thermo-Fisher
    Superior Manufacturing
    BrainLAB Inc.
    Cincinnati Sub-Zero
    Tri-Star Engineering Co.
    Cytyc Inc.
    Cell Robotics International
    U.S. Biopsy, Inc.
    Radiometer America, Inc.
    TASK Environmental
    Spectral Diagnostics
    Fisher HealthCare
    Lombart Instrument
    Given Imaging
    Pinnacle MedSource
    Helmer Inc
    Biotronik USA
    Third Wave Technologies
    Accuray, Inc.
    Alfa Wassermann USA
    Enhanced Vision Systems, Inc.
    Disetronic (Div. of Roche Diagnostics)
    College of American Pathologists
    Iris Diagnostics
    Bayer Healthcare

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    Industries Served: ALL
    Some examples:
    Diagnostic products and reagents
    Environmental Cleanup and Remediation
    Computer and Information Technology
    Medical Supplies and Devices
    Professional & Allied Healthcare Staffing
    Engineering and Professional Services
    Hard goods manufacturing

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    Client Comments

    "As vice president of legal and regulatory affairs at Roche Diagnostics, it falls within my responsibility to participate in the process of contracting with the federal government, and overseeing the response we make to government audits of all kinds. We have a substantial amount of business with the federal government, and our relationship with the federal government is very important to us.

    "During his tenure at Roche, I worked closely with Bob Grimm on a number of issues relating to our government contracts. All of these matters involved issues that were highly complex, required the assembly and analysis of massive factual data, and involved large sums of money. In every case, Bob was well-versed in the regulations, diligent and committed. He knew the regulatory environment, [and] he structured our arguments and organized our response. He did an excellent job, and produced outstanding results in each case.

    "Although Bob’s technical and organizational skills are excellent, many of these administrative issues are not settled strictly on the merits of the legal arguments. Relationships with contracting officers are important, as well as how auditors feel they are treated. I watched Bob on a number of occasions while he interacted with government representatives. In every case, he was able to establish a rapport that was invaluable, and had a significant impact on the ultimate outcome of whatever issue was being addressed.

    "Bob is a very practical and effective expert on contracting with the federal government. I recommend him very highly. As a matter of corporate policy, Roche Diagnostics does not provide references for former employees. Please accept this letter as my personal recommendation for Bob, based on my own work experiences with him over the last five years."

    Steve Oldham
    Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary
    Roche Diagnostics

    "Words cannot begin to express our enormous gratitude to you for helping us to achieve what we thought was impossible… the GSA contract award. We are a small company and because we lacked the manpower and know-how to successfully secure this, it never would have happened without your professional expertise.

    "The GSA contracting officer in Texas, responsible for processing our account, said that this was the quickest contract awarding he had seen. All the paperwork was in perfect compliance, thanks to your diligence and perseverance. You guided us every step of the way to ensure that we fulfilled all the requirements, followed the correct format, and that every 'i' was dotted, every 't' crossed.

    "Your continual follow-up with the officer and us was beyond the call of duty, but certainly much appreciated."

    Gloria D. Sanderson
    Executive Director
    Superior Manufacturing Division, Magnatech Corp.

    "As the reviewing attorney, I thank you for spending the time upfront in putting together one of the best novation agreement files I have had the opportunity to work on. The file submitted by Mr. Grimm was very nearly complete upon first submittal, was in logical order and tabbed, making my review much less burdensome than is normal. …

    "Due to Mr. Grimm’s attention to detail and his ability to adhere to the requirements of the Federal Acquisition Regulation, this office was able to process the novation agreement without undue delay to either your company or to the government."

    Assistant General Counsel
    General Services Administration

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